Jennifer Gallays

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hi there. Thanks for your interest and for clicking here to find out a little bit more about me.

That's me over there on the right. I am the photographer behind the camera at dragonfly-jenny-creations.

Ten years ago I gave birth to my second son. He was, and still is, the kind of kid who is hard to capture in a good photo. He moves too fast, looks away at the last moment, and purposely does the opposite of whatever we ask him to do when the camera is out. Soon after he was born it became apparent to me that I needed to learn how to take great photos of a quick moving subject.

I started out by reading all of Scott Kelby's books, and then taking classes from professionals like Greg Johnson, Sue Bryce, Kelly Brown, Lisa DeGiso, Scott Kelby, Erin Elizabeth, and Tamara Lackey.

After many years of learning and improving I started getting requests from friends and family members to take photos for them. Eventually I was busy enough that I decided to create my own business.I've been working as a professional photographer for just over 3 years. A few summers ago I discovered a love for newborn photography, and each and every little munchkin that I work with steals my heart.

When I am not taking photographs, I can usually be found spending time with my family or in my classroom. In my other life I am a middle years teacher here in Saskatoon. I find that working with children allows me to see and perceive the world through their eyes. Childhood is a magical time and capturing it through photography is my greatest joy.

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